Delivery Policy

Nothing is more important than the safety of our restaurant partners, riders, and customers. In this guidance, we will address three main areas. This is our Toni's Pizza Delivery Policy interests of broader public health.

Our restaurants are set up physically to avoid cross-contamination

• Contact-free handoff with riders
• All handoffs should be performed without physical contact between restaurant staff and riders (i.e. put the bag on a table, walk away, and then call the rider over to collect).

Comfort to customers that the operations uphold the highest levels of safety

• Stronger hygiene practices
• Focus on packaging
• 15 Minute handwashing alarms
• 30 Minute surface and touch point washing alarms

Rider key messages:

• Follow the directions of the Restaurant Coordinator
• Respect the safety distance of at least 2 metres both outside and inside the restaurant- Do not enter the restaurant until your number is called
• When your number is called, enter the Delivery-marked waiting area until the store staff have placed your order on the table and walked away
• The delivery tables are disinfected regularly
• If available, use hand sanitizer, or feel free to wash your hands inside
• Avoid all kinds of contact during orders, both with the restaurant and with the customer